The Arrogance of Modern Science!

The Arrogance of Modern Science!

Scientists argue that God does not exist because they have figured out the laws of reality. It’s only a matter of time before they realize and arrive at the final truth. And, as they claim, the ultimate truth will be represented by a simple mathematical equation or “TOE” (Theory of Everything).

Surprisingly, as the technological sophistication advances, science is becoming more aware of the complexities of physical reality.

In biology, for example, we now know that the cells in our body, which we previously considered were simple units of life, are highly sophisticated and have their own existence and function. If a cell, such as a liver cell, is kept in a petri-dish with all of the necessary nutrients, it will develop and function as if it were a real organism. Organs are made up of hundreds of millions of these cells. The liver, kidneys, and pancreas are examples of organs with their own life and function. If the kidney is kept in the proper conditions, it will continue to function as if it were living outside the body. Organ transplants are based on this.
As a result, cells are the initial level of existence, whereas organs are the second level. The body then combines all of these millions of individual cells and organs into a single functioning unit. The third level of existence is the physical body. This is just amazing!

But the way all the three realities of cells, organs, and body interact with each other, that’s truly remarkable.

This is particularly true in current physics. The microscopic world defined by quantum mechanics, the macroscopic world represented by Newtonian principles, and the cosmic universe characterized by the laws of relativity have all been discovered by physics. However, it remains a mystery as to how they are connected.

Science in the nineteenth century was on a quest to understand reality, and by the turn of the century, it had concluded that it was nearing the end of its journey. However, its journey did not come to an end; instead, it ended in an unending void. In the twenty-first century, however, science is seeking to fathom not just one, but multiple realities!

Furthermore, fresh scientific evidence is casting doubt on long-held beliefs. Theories like Darwin’s evolution and the Big Bang are being called into question, while new theories are growing more complex and difficult to explain. Newtonian physics was supposed to provide a comprehensive description of our reality (or so we were taught), but science is currently grappling with the Chaos theory to explain its inadequacies.

Science may continue to study reality and seek truth, but saying that God does not exist is premature, presumptuous and arrogant at this moment.

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