About Us

About Us
What is this site about ?

We are going to talk about “Science of Many Interesting Things, and Many Interesting Things about Science.’

There are many interesting things all around us. Many that do not concern us at all and many others that concerns our lives directly and impactfully. So we will talk about science of health, environment, food, our own body, money, computers, life and death, and all such topics that concerns us directly. And about planets, space, oceans, time, atoms, the ancient secret knowledge of the Vedas and so on, many other interesting phenomenon that has bewildered and intrigued humanity ever since.We will also talk about many interesting things ‘about science’. The history of science, the philosophy of science, experimental science, the historical prejudices of science like the ‘phlogiston’ or ‘the elan vitale’ that are totally debunked, the modern prejudices concerning the origin of life and the nature and scope of science that science, and the popular confusions that the media hypes up like the famous ‘God particle’.

What is the aim ?

I feel if people are well informed ‘what wonderful things science has achieved and also what science ‘is’ in its essence and nature, both with its power and achievements, and also its failures and true limitations, then First, the public image of science may achieve a better balance. Consider for instance global warming and genetically modified crops where science is heavily blamed for it and not as much the industrialists and the corporates. And, second, it will be much easy for people to lead an unbiased and meaningful life and not get confused and lost by the highly mechanistic, objective, naturalistic, reductionistic, and materialistic paradigm in which 21st century science or rather ‘scientism’ has come to play a major role.

Our Misssion

ICE is our mission

I stands for informing scientific uncertainties that public needs to see science as-it-is, with all its power and glories, and it’s true limitations and failures. God particle is one such example where people started thinking that science has found God in their labs. Nonsense! Even scientists know this. It was God damn media that hyped it up. Or people think that Origin of life is a settled issue, when it is clearly not. Or that science can understand everything, when science is quite far from truth (if at all science can access Truth) and has proved (the Godel’s theorem for instance) that everything cannot be understood. People need to be informed about these scientific uncertainties so that they lead an unbiased and meaningful life and not get confused and lost by the highly mechanistic, objective, naturalistic, reductionistic, and materialistic paradigm in which 21st century science or rather ‘scientism’ has come to play a major role.

C stands for Combating scientific prejudices. Biologist used to believe in Elane Vitale, an invisible force that animated living beings. Chemist like Joseph Priestly firmly believed in Phlogiston, an invisible substance that supported combustion. Astronomer Ptolemy used to believe in God Zeus who continuously corrected the slight deviations in the orbits if planets. But all these prejudices were debunked and fact established. But some scientists and philosophers claim that our 21st century science is also infested with many prejudices.

Any concept of gene close to that in classical genetics (that has the discrete gene concept) will be irrelevant to the molecular biology. Professor of Integrative Biology, Geography, and Environment at university of Texas at Austin
The ghost of Crick’s dogma….. Reductionism will haunt scientist for many years to come.
Challenging the Dogma

Our problem is not that somehow we have failed to come up with a convincing proof of the existence of God or that hypothesis of afterlife remains a serious debate . It is rather in our deeper reflections that we cannot take opinions seriously, due to our scientific world-view. The Rediscovery of Mind, John Searle, Philosopher, University if Berkley

There are many definite prejudices surrounding Origin Of life, Origin of Universe, and Consciousness. It is clear to both scientists and the non-scientists that these topics are elusive and still a mystery, but it is not clear at all why science does not want to invoke God and Soul as the one of the possible hypothesis along with other hypothesis and instead are prejudiced for atheism. Such prejudices must be not be ignored and at least faced with courage and open mind especially when many years of research failed to prove the hypothesis in question. 

E stands for Establishing Vedic sciences. Science can help shed light on many Vedic concepts. And at the same time ancient Vedas are scientific and have a plethora of scientific concepts that must be revealed to the world.

About the author

Dr. Keshav Anand, a medical practitioner by profession, is now a monk since last twenty years. He has done extensive research and has authored various books on both science and spirituality, since he feels that the rift between the two must vanish to bring peace in the increasingly immoral and chaotic world. If spirituality has become superstition and sentimentalism, science has become grossly materialistic and atheistic. A new approach to life is needed today that can bring the best of both together. Science must reembrace spirituality and be humble enough to admit its defects, flaws, and ignorance. And spirituality must base itself on more sound and rational ideas. In the search of a new approach to life, Dr. Keshav Anand encountered, locked in the Sanskrit sutras of the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, a beautiful synthesis of science and spirituality, a synthesis that enriches the intelligence and satisfies the soul. For decoding the Sanskrit sutras of the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, Dr. Keshav Anand learned Sanskrit and read Western and Indian philosophy. Besides Sanskrit, he also learned Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada to enrich his knowledge about the diverse spiritual traditions of India that are rooted in the Vedic wisdom. His persistent endeavor in the field of Science and Spirituality for the last the twenty years has enabled him to come up with seminars on diverse topics like Science and Vedas, Mind and Machines, Science fails to Explain life, Consciousness and Beyond etc. that he has been presented in various colleges in India, Europe, and America. He has also been able to open a Gurukula, a traditional system of Vedic Education, in beautiful valley of the Himalayas where children are imparted the wisdom of the Vedas. Besides he has also started farm communities based on the Vedic way of living to provide a model to the entire world to show how to lead a satisfied and happy life in harmony with nature and save precious time to ponder over the deep questions of life